True Kit

True Kit


Trissola True & True+ Keratin System

Give new life to your hair and make it manageable, smooth, frizz-free, shiny, and strong! 

From dull and frizzy to smooth and shiny hair in just 90 minutes!

  • Straightens and smoothes in just 90 minutes.

  • Eliminates frizz and curls, adding incredible shine for 3-6 months.

  • Wash and style the same day; no restrictions!

  • Coconut oil, the best for natural nutrition of the hair, provides essential proteins for nourishing damaged hair.

  • Keratin improves all layers of the hair, enhancing strength and elasticity, and providing long lasting conditioning effects. 

  • Pantheon pro-vitamin B-5 seals the cuticle, adding an abundance of hydration and shine to the hair.

  • A complex blend of fatty acids enhance and provide moisture retention, improving hair's overall health. 

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